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Together with all his lab members, our lab has established a battery of the state-of-the-art neuro-tools as listed below.

By Oh, SJ

Transgenic Animals

Cell-type specific Cre drivers

Fluoroscence Reporter TG

Cell-type specific Translatome-labeling TRAP TGs

Conditional gene KO animals

By Oh, SJ

Animal Models for Psychiatric Disorders

Major Depressive Disorder: Chronic Unpredictable Stress/Chronic Restraint Stress, Social Defeat Stress

PTSD: Learned Helplessness, Social Defeat Stress

By Hwang, SH

By Jeong, MS

By Lee, YB

Behavioral Test Battery

Translational Depressive-like Behavior: Tail Suspension test (TST), Forced Swim test (FST)

Anxiety: Open Field (Thigmotaxis), Elevated Plus Maze (EPM)

Spatial and Contextual Memory: Radial Arm Maze (RAM), Active Place Avoidance (APA), Fear Conditioning test

By Jang, JH

Transcriptomic / Translatomic Profiling at cell-type and single-cell resolution

Translating Ribosome Affinity Purification (TRAP)

Bulk RNAseq / Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNAseq)

By Park, JR

Neuronal Activity Tracing

Fiber Photometry (dLight1.1, GCaMP6)

Miniaturized Enscopic Imaing (Inscopix with GCaMP6)

By Oh, SJ

Neuronal Activity Manipulation


Chemogenetics (DREADD)

By Oh, SJ

Gene or Drug Delivery

Stereotaxic injection of Cre-dependent AAVs with DIO system

Controllable Drug infusion system with implanted cannula